History of Linguado Capoeira München

The group was founded in the year 2007 by the brothers Contra Mestre Toupeira and Professor Fominha from Recife to honor their first teacher Professor Jorge Linguado, who passed early. The group's goal is to teach anybody, no matter which gender or age, this martial art and to introduce them to the culture of Brazil.
You can train with us at six different places in and around Munich. Just drop by for a test training with us and get your own picture of Capoeira. You can train either with Contra Mestre Toupeira or you go to the lessons of Professor Fominha.

Capoeira is a serious eyecatcher in every kind of event! 
Therefore we offer the possibility to book teachers, students or the whole group for shows and performances. 

Since we are an eligible non-profit organisation we are happy about every donation and are always on the look for sponsors of our cultural and sports work. 

If you should have any questions just send us an E-Mail or you can reach us telefonically: 0176 / 6410 4142 (Dana) or 0173 / 2717321 (Toupeira).

Have fun by checking out our webpage,
your Linguado Capoeira Team,
CM Toupeira, Prof. Fominha, Tagarela (Dana)