The art

Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial arts or a combination of fight and dance as well as a national cultural heritage of Brazil. The fact that it is a mixture of fighting and dancing expresses how multifaceted it can be. Elements of fight and acrobatics are connecting with music, dance and esthetics. It is hard therefore to find a comparison to other martial arts or to try to explain it. 

People who are practicing Capoeira call themselves "Capoeiristas". When they conduct Capoeira it is referred to "playing". By consequence capoeiristas gather for a "game" and build a "roda" (port. "circle") which they complete with instruments, singing and clapping. In the center of the roda two capoeiristas compete with each other in an uninterrupted flow of deep movements close to the floor as well as jumped, fast kicks, tricks and evasive movements and finally also acrobatic elements like saltos and cartwheels.

Capoeira is fascinating and inspiring people of any age and personal background. By the variety of movements personal physical strength, coordination, sleight, spontaneity, concentration and perception are taught and enhanced.

Furthermore it allows a better insight into brazilian culture and history. Apart from body control it also conveys musical capabilities. 

For the most Capoeira is more than a sport. It is often referred to as a life philosophy that teaches respect and dignity to our fellow men: since Capoeira can only be played in a roda with other capoeiristas, meaning in a group, there fastly arises a sense of community.  

Some do even confer Capoeira to their own lives. Life is a game in which you have to move creatively and fight to be able to self-actualize and to grow in your challenges. The awareness that all this is only possible by the help of the people surrounding us lets our environment but not ourselves become the focus of our lives.